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Macrobiotic Peanuts Butter Muffin

I love macrobiotic muffin. It’s REALLY easy to make and taste so good and guilty free! I shouldn’t do this but I can eat whole muffin after dinner for tea. Yum! I used to learn and cook/bake macrobiotic food all the time just because I was curious how my body and feeling changes by diet. I really enjoyed this period and I felt so good about myself. However, 6 months later, my craving for soft cream ice-cream came back. Since I was away from regular food for 6 months, I thought “why not. It’s your treat and have a nice soft cream ice-cream!”. Then “AAAGGGGHHHHAAA” About 5 min later, many red spots appeared on my chest and neck, then my heart started beating really fast. I was scared by these reaction and also the possibility of not being able to eat soft cream ice-cream. Maybe I should have chose the pure macrobiotic life at this point but I chose my life with ice-cream…

Since this red spot attack, my diet had been half macrobiotic and half regular food. Last couple of years, more Natural food stores have opened in Singapore and it’s getting easier and more reasonable to get organic stuff. The macrobiotic diet here is bit different from the time I was in Tokyo because of the climate but I’d love to keep exploring healthier option even there are SO MANY great food and temptation in Singapore! :-)

Anyway, here is the muffin recipe for you to try. Hope you enjoy this guilt free happy muffin!

Macrobiotic Peanuts Butter Muffin
Ingredients (12 muffins)
A ————–
Vegetable Oil:200CC
Maple Syrup:250CC
Coconuts Oil:100CC
Rice Milk:100CC
Arrowroot powder:65g
Peanut Butter (no salt & sugar):50g
B ————–
Whole wheat flour :300g
Baking powder:25g

Mix your favorite nuts and maple syrup, sprinkle the on the dough before put them into oven.


1) Mix A and B in each container, then add A into B. Do not over mix the dough.
2) Scoop dough into muffin tray and sprinkle nuts on top of muffin. Bake in 180C heated oven for 30min.

About Sanae

Japanese woman, moved to Singapore in August 2008. Certified Aromatherapist and Pastry, Cake and Bread baker. Love linens, rabbit, countryside, fresh vegetables, knitting and reading books before going to bed.


One thought on “Macrobiotic Peanuts Butter Muffin

  1. what a wonderful recipe! let’s try it! Thank you…

    Posted by chris | 19 November, 2011, 9:55 pm

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